Portfolio - Sample 3

Sample fundraising appeal letter written for the Museum of Science in Boston

March 20, 2003

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Dear Mr. Sample,

What memories come to mind when you think of the Museum of Science?

Perhaps you remember Spooky the Owl soaring majestically over the heads of a gathered crowd or recall watching tiny chicks hatch from their shells in our incubator. Possibly the image of Cotton-Topped Tamarins swinging from branches in their Green Wing home comes to mind. Encounters with the many wonderful creatures who inhabit our Live Animal Center and Exhibit Halls have provided visitors of all ages with magical memories to last a lifetime.

Watching animals is fun and having fun makes it easier to learn and to teach. Last year, over 217,845 school children viewed our animal exhibits and came face to face with creatures ranging from a bobcat to a bat in over 2,800 live animal presentations. Through observing animals, children gain a better understanding of the natural world and our place in it. Teaching young people about endangered species such as the Cotton-Topped Tamarins is part of the Live Animal Center's educational mission.

Caring for the animals in the Center and providing top quality exhibits is costly beyond what Membership feels and admission revenues can cover. The Tamarins require specially formulated food at $34 per case. The Museum spends $625 alone each month to provide a variety of animals with clean bedding. Feeding Annie, our Florida bobcat, costs $900 per year. Donations to the Museum of Science Annual Fund provide for immediate needs such as these and help us to keep offering the fascinating programs and exhibits we are counted on to provide.

Your gift of ____ by the end of our fiscal year in April will aid the Museum in continuing its mission to stimulate interest and further understanding of science for children and adults alike. Thank you.


Diane Gordon
Trustee Development Committee Chair